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Portfolio Category: Video

Eden Residences

Client: Karma DevelopersProduction: ThelumDirector: Mark KassinosStylist /Art Director: Athena FrenaritouProduction Assistant: Zoe Phylactidou

FP Markets

Sydney, Australia Office)

Μαξίλλες Λυσού – Μια κληρονομιά αιώνων

Client: Σύνδεσμος Αποδήμων ΛυσούΜια σύντομη και ενδιαφέρουσα περιήγηση στην ιστορία των Μαξίλλων (παστά σύκα) στην…

FP Markets – Change

Motion Graphics Change is a powerful word.


Brand video The film depicts a man’s personal journey, fromthe abyss to the light, from…

JimmiSki – KNIFE

This is an act of separation. After the end of the relationship, the main protagonist…

Stage Performing Art

Stage Performing Art By Phani Ioannou Directed and filmed by Mark Kassinos

ΓΕΣΥ – 2 Χρόνια Μαζί

Client: Γεσυ Agency: Partners VMLY&R

Crossing the first threshold

A short film by Mark Kassinos. Inspired by Joseph Campbell's book: 'The Hero with a…

The burden of caretaking

Shepherding is one of the oldest human occupations. Panagiotis, has been doing it since he…