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Portfolio Category: Video

Crossing the first threshold

A short film by Mark Kassinos. Inspired by Joseph Campbell's book: 'The Hero with a…

The burden of caretaking

Shepherding is one of the oldest human occupations. Panagiotis, has been doing it since he…

Larnaca English Club

Λέσχη Λάρνακας Larnaca Tourism Board

Viaggiando il Mediterraneo -Ταξιδεύοντας Μεσόγειο

Episode 1 out of 3Curated: Iosif HadjikyriakosVideo: Mark Kassinos Italian Embassy in Cyprus

Siam – Liasis Team

Siam Muay Thai - Liasis Team Telling the story of a brand through a short…

Radisson Blu – Skybar

Skybar promo Video - Social media Video ProductionSocial MediaMobile Optimization

High & Wet

High & Wet - Social media campaign video Teaser VideoVideo ProductionSocial MediaMobile Optimization "Who you…

Kouross FW1819 – Man as a complex being.

Man is a complex being. Multifaceted, multidimensional, versatile. He can be sturdy like the earth,…

FeelGrounds – Droptop

Product Launch Campaign Video Product VideoVideo ProductionAnimationMobile Optimization "Super Stylish, super flexible, "

Bacardi Legacy – Cocktail Competition

Natasa Petrou, Old Market. Cocktail Competition videoVideo ProductionSocial Media Campaign "Never forget where you came…

Biased Beast – I am You (music video)

The official music video for Biased Beast - I am You. Music VideoVideo ProductionArt Direction…