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What is perfectionism?

We’ve all met someone who is a perfectionist or we are pretty familiar with the term.  In short, it’s when someone sets really high standards, puts tremendous amounts of pressure on themselves and seeks excellence in everything they touch. “Everything must be perfect”.

If being a perfectionist makes you happy within and brings out the best in you and your work then I would love to hear how you do it. Don’t get me wrong I truly believe in pushing ourselves to always create exceptional work, daily. That’s what will set us apart. Working hard every day on our goals, personal development and external projects is what will make us better in the future and bring us closer to the person we want to become. But at the same time, our mind needs to be in harmony with the path we are choosing to follow: To be calm, focused and satisfied.

 A painful loop

 For me, too much of perfection-seeking leads to a ‘painful loop. I’ve been a victim of this loop a few times in the past, in both my personal and professional video projects. Starting a project with lots of excitement, lots of energy and passion, but stuck just before the finish line. Going back and forth, changing a scene here, the narrative there, the music, or any other element that in my mind, will make it ‘just perfect’. The reality is, they never finished, no one will see them and will die on my hard drive. A painful, painful loop. Do I need to say more?


Perfectionism leads to procrastination. You always want to ‘save as’ for later improvement. No matter what you do you always allow your mind to throw a million ways it can be improved. Come on! The time we spend perfecting one thing we could have spent building something else. So, go back to your notes and hard drives, finalize that piece of work, get it out there and share it with the world.

 Overthinking, Stress and pressure

 As creatives and artists, we often face the challenge to do the best work possible. Forget that. There is no ‘the best’, there are only people who do stuff, doers, leaders that despite what life throws at them they still do what they have to do to become the best version of themselves. No matter what obstacles block their path, they will find a solution. Let’s be pragmatic. Life is tough sometimes, if not most of the time, and bad things might happen along the way, negative energy will try and sneak in, this will lead to a negative emotional-reaction which will further lead to a negative response. That’s ok, but it should not stop us from getting our work done. Stop overthinking. Set the project parameters, have a clear vision and execute.

Just finish your job and move forward

Set the mood of what you want to achieve. Whether it’s a sculpture, or a video project. A mission must start somewhere, let’s say the story starts from point A and must go to B etc. Use your research, and knowledge and your inner wisdom that will guide you along that project. NEVER compare it with anyone else. This is failure, an unnecessary painful mistake. Everyone operates and sees the world slightly differently. Have the balls to be you and finish that project and get honest reviews. Get opinions from people that care about your work and progress. Not from those who are just saying something for the sake of talking. This is important, when you finish the project, get back to it the next day and try to see it as YOU, your external critic, be as unbiased as possible and observe it. This is what you know, this is the product of that and I am proud of completing it. IF there are corrections to be made in the project, make them and move forward. Don’t judge.


I personally can’t and do not want to follow this path. It’s time consuming, it puts unnecessary pressure and stress on every task. After all, you can’t be good at something from day 1. You just have to work and practice hard every day, until you can easily drive along that path. Perhaps we just need to accept the possibility of failure, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Operating under this Perfectionism armor does more harm than good. Just get it done for Mars sake! And I would like to close it with the below image. 

how to avoid perfectionism by mark kassinos blog 1