Mark Kassinos – Filmmaker, Visual Artist

Hello, I’m Mark and I hail from Cyprus, a beautiful island located in the Mediterranean Sea, way out East. I studied Film and Digital Arts & Media at Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury, England, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2008. I make videos, take stills, produce graphic art & design and i love experimenting with audio waves all day, every day. My work varies from working as a commercial artist for large FX firms, freelancing for other large and small businesses, and also collaborating with other artists. I strongly believe in the power of visual storytelling in everyday life. The combination of various mediums can turn a tiny idea/thought into a vast landscape of creative content, a story with an impact.  With a strong attention to detail, composition and color, I strive to continue learning from the giants, experimenting and producing creative content. Explorer, Human being. I look up and the Universe fascinates me. Available to work worldwide.


Andreas Hadjipandelis – Music Producer/Sound Designer-Engineer

Hi there. My name is Andreas. Ever since I was a teenager, music and sound in particular were dominating my life. In fact, the fascinating process of manipulating sound waves is what pushed me into pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Sound Engineering, that I have acquired from the Birmingham City University in 2011. However, the artist in me was not satisfied as I wanted to apply all that technical know-how in a creative fashion, a desire that led to further my education with a Master of Arts in Audio Production from the University of Westminster in 2012. I spend most of my time creating noises using various synthesis techniques or by modulating organic and natural sounds. Besides music production, sound design for visual media rapidly became a large part of my work, which led to my beautiful collaboration with Mark. My approach to dressing visuals with audio is to creatively enhance the narrative without stealing too much attention from the image. I am always eager to learn, experiment and produce soul shaking music and noises.

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